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Best Digital Marketing Training Institute

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute

Get Effective and practical digital marketing training in both intermediate and advanced digital marketing concepts, from Poonchola technologies-One of the best Digital Marketing Training institute in Calicut. We provide training in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing for Students, Working Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. We hope to help you achieve the precise benefit of digital marketing, which is, catching people’s attention before they scroll down to another website, by developing innovative strategies that better connect them with their target user.You can study either in-house or online.In-house training provides hands-on training experience most lucidly and interactively and shall conduct in the training institute.The dedicated online training team of Poonchola technologies is well equipped to offer very interactive training sessions via the web regardless of your location.

What you will learn

about Digital Marketing


Introduction to Digital Marketing


Search engine optimisation


Introduction to WordPress


Content Marketing


Email marketing


Social media Marketing


Website development planning


Search engine marketing


Mobile Marketing


SEO –Search engine optimization certification course consists of, on-page and off-page SEO, white hat, and black hat SEO techniques. While On-page SEO addresses how to find out the issues inside the website and optimize each and every element which helps with ranking. Off-page SEO is how to build quality backlinks from other sites and pages.


The social media Marketing course will familiarize you with how marketing works with Social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also helps you in learning about social media ad campaigns and monitoring traffic and reach.

Web analytics

This consist of an introduction to Google analytics and how it will help with digital marketing. Every terminologies, measure, and live time result monitoring of ranking, users, page visits, and traffic and so many monitoring features will be covered thoroughly.

Basic Designing

Python, Hadoop, Spark, Data Analytics, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability Concepts, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Power BI, AWS Cloud.

Content writing

Content has an inevitable significance in digital marketing. Learning about SEO-specific content writing, how content helps with ranking, Readability improvement, Keyword specific content writing, and keyword density… is a must. As a part of website content writing, you’ll also learn about article writing, guest posting, question answering, and blog post writing.

Email marketing

How to attract customers through emails, how to get traffic and reach from an email, how to write content for email, and the types of email marketing, this is what you’ll learn with this.